The Leasify Sublease Experience.

My first ice cream.

1. Looking for a sublease?

Find a sublease that works for you on our website. Feel free to message the host before booking the sublease to ask questions. To reserve the space, enter in the calendar when you want to move in and move out and then request to book. Once reserved, Leasify will include you in an email with the host with a sublease agreement and contract to protect both parties. The host will also give you their contact information to discuss logistics of move-in and discuss payment methods for monthly rent.

2. Need to sublease your place?

We understand you want your room gone as soon as possible. List your place quickly- it takes most users around 3 minutes. Once listed, you will get an email linked to your Leasify inbox every time a guest messages you or wants to book a sublease. Leasify will also promote your listings on Instagram and Facebook groups. Once you find a guest, you can approve the sublease and Leasify will send you an email with a sublease agreement and contract to protect both you and the guest. You will collect monthly rent from the guest on your own with your preferred payout method.

3. How does Leasify make money?

Leasify was created due to the urgency of subleasing a place before it is too late. Leasify will send the host an email invoice upon approval of the guest worth 5% of the total rent collected. This email includes payment instructions to Leasify via Venmo, Cash App, or Paypal. Leasify fees help pay for website fees and advertising for your sublease to find guests in a timely manner.

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