Revolutionizing the sublease experience in college.

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Leasify is a startup created to help solve the dilemma of off-campus housing. Many students tend to study abroad for a semester and do internships all over the world during the summer. Over 95% of students live off-campus at some point in their college career and many look to sublease their place to save on rent. Many students also want to use off-campus housing for a summer or semester.

We found it way too frustrating to find and fill short-term leases or subleases on Facebook and other leasing websites. This is why we created Leasify, which aims to make it as easy as possible to both list and find a sublease that works for you.

We want Leasify to be a site we created together and a site that keeps building to add more value for students. Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions or if interested in joining our customer advisory board. We have free pizza parties to share updates about the company and ideas every month! Contact for more information.